Cracking Social Media: How To Create A Brand and NOW!


Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Create A Brand and NOW!

                                       HOW TO CREATE A BRAND NOW!
You MUST understand your brand.
The picture and screen name is your personal and company name. It is HUGE!, treat it just like a logo just like any other company. ALWAYS use the exact same image in every social media forum, I have found you really never know where it can pop up. Eventually your fans/audience will associate that with your brand.

Similar to your logo your screen name is like a company name.
Choose a screen name that is simple and easy to remember.

Keep your screen name short so it doesn't use up the limited characters (140) on sites like
Twitter. Your brand name will start to be attached next to your
picture , but also GOOGLE PLUS on and on.

Brand Repetition or don't even bother.
The more your company logo (so to speak) is seen , the more
it gets into your brands audience subconscious.
Social Media can put your IMAGE out there and being consistent
speeds up the whole process

Remember one of the biggest Viral videos ever from X factor Susan Boyle?
She had her name and BRAND image put out on every social media site that existed.
That picture became her brand identity! Oh ya and made her a multi millionaire over night...

Remember this

We are in the only time in history where 1 person just 1 person can have the same social media presence as the biggest companies out there!!

Start with this, find 3 things you like to talk about and are knowledgeable about don't worry not GURU level,  just have passion so you can talk about them every day or close to it.

What happens is basic psychology people will begin to see you as an leader and not just another wanna be. 

They will recognize you and open up a chat. That is the entire KEY to gaining momentum and you can blast off from there. If you haven't done what I just wrote already DO IT NOW! I know what I am talking about. If you would like more tips leave some comments this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Justin Matthew