Cracking Social Media: Do You Have KRED?


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do You Have KRED?

Kred Scoring Guide
Distribution of Global Kred Influence Scores


Discover how we define Influence to create scores.
Kred Influence is the measure of what others do because of you. Influence increases when others take action because of your content. Your Influence score increases when someone retweets, @repliesor follows you.
Scores range from 1 to 1,000 with higher scores representing greater influence. The score of the person with the most Influence is set at 1,000 and all others are normalized relative to it. Kred Influence is normalized for the Twitter universe and within communities, which means that someone in every community has a score of 1,000.
You receive Influence Points every time others interact with you or your content. 10 Points are assigned for the most common actions like replying to people and retweeting content. You receive more Points if someone with a large following does something for you, like having a message retweeted by someone with more than 10,000 followers.
Influence Points are then translated to your Kred Influence Score. Since Kred Influence is normalized on a scale with a maximum score of 1,000, the rate at which Influence Points convert to Kred Influence constantly changes as everyone in the social universe accrues Points. The 'Points To Score Conversion' curve also grows steeper as Kred Influence Score grows. The higher your Kred Influence, the more points it takes to move up.
points to score graph
This study is of the Twitter universe: Kred Influence across all of Twitter. The conversion rate varies within each interest-based community and changes over time as community members accrue more Points and new people join in. See the discussion of Communities below for more on this.
We will update the charts on this page on a regular basis and also report them on our blog.

Influence Scoring Distribution

On November 11, 2011, we generated a report on the scores of people who have Kred Influence greater than 200. We then divided everyone into bands bounded by Influence scores of 50 [(201-250,251-300…951-1,000)] to build a distribution chart.
About 42% of accounts in the analyzed group have Kred Influence scores between 201 and 450, 37% between 451 and 600, and the top 21% of @names have scores about 600. Less than 0.1% of accounts studied have Kred over 800.



Learn about Outreach and how we use it to generate your score.
Kred Outreach is the measure of your generosity. Outreach increases when you retweet, @reply, or follow a new person. As you accumulate Outreach Points, you move to a higher Outreach Level. Because Outreach Points are a reward for being active and benevolent, your Outreach Level never goes down.
Outreach Points are earned anytime you do something generous for someone else. Outreach can never go down because we believe that the capacity for generosity is infinite.
example, outreach
Outreach Points are accumulated to increase Outreach Levels. Each successive Outreach Level is progressively more difficult to achieve. When you have 100 Outreach Points, you reach Level 1; Level 2 is 270 points (170 incremental Points after Level 1); and so on.



Are groups of people connected by interests and affiliations.
In the offline world, your credibility on any subject varies by your level of expertise. To replicate this on social networks, Kred builds scores based on your unique interests. For example, you may frequently offer expert advice on Dogs and have little to say about Fashion. Kred gives you a score in both Communities; in this case, your Influence is likely to be higher for Dogs than for Fashion.

Community Membership

Kred places you in communities based on the interests you express through your Twitter Bio and the hashtags and keywords in your posts over the last 1,000 days.
cattle dog owner
Why am I in this community?
Replying to or being retweeted by a community member automatically grows your influence in that community even if you don't share its interests. If you are having conversations with people in the Dog Lovers community or they retweet your posts, you may have high Influence in that group regardless of if you ever tweet about dogs.
Another example could be Stephen Colbert. The comedian has high Kred in the Students community because his posts are popular with college students and frequently retweeted

Global Scores vs. Community Scores

Global Kred is calculated independently of scores within communities. It is not the average of your community scores. Global Kred accounts for all interactions, including those with people that are not members of any community. As a result, some people's Global Kred Influence will be higher than it is in any specific community.
global vs. community

Communities Have Kred, Too

Kred recognizes that some Communities are more influential than others. To demonstrate their relative influence, each community receives a Kred score. We find this by taking the average of the Kred of everyone considered to be a member of the community. You can see the average score for any Community on our Kred Community page as well as anyone's score within it.




We summarize everything affecting your Kred in a single screen.
Everyone's Kred is summarized in the Kredentials screen, including Top Communities, Most Used Hashtags and the Most Posted Links from that person.
To make Kredentials appear, click on the small grey Kred logo next to any@name in the Overview, Recent Activity of Friends Activity pages.
pop-up example

Help Kred Fight Spam and Bots

If you think that an @name is a spammer or bot, you can let us know. On their Kredentials, click the Spam or Bot button in the top right corner. When five or more people mark the @name as Spam or Bot, a little flag will appear next to the @name's Kred badge that is visible to everyone.




We always tell you why your score has changed — and everyone else's too.
Kred is completely transparent so you always know exactly why your score has changed. Your Recent Activity lists every interaction that earned Points.
Part of being transparent is letting you know exactly what you can do to increase your Kred. We show you influential people to follow in your communities and spot new content that hasn't been posted by your audience yet so you can be the first to share it with your friends!
how to increase yr kred



Real life accomplishments are part of your Kred, too.
Kred is designed to recognize that trust, respect and Influence derive from 'real world' achievements as well as Online interactions. To add your Offline Kred, visit the Offline tab on the Get More Kred page.
The tables below show the number of Influence Points assigned for offline achievements. See examples of Point assignments for Offline Kred by visiting the Get More Kred page and clicking the Offline tab.
tables of example points


Give extra recognition to your favorite influencers.
Being generous is something you can do within Kred as well as in your social accounts. Our Stars system lets you reward extra Influence Points to the people that you feel are deserving.
When you look up someone's Kred, the large badge on the left can spin. (This is especially cool-looking in Chrome, our favourite browser.) When the badge spins, you will see an opportunity to add Kred Stars as a bonus award for someone that influences you. You may select whether to do this at the network level ('Global Kred') or within a community.
Stars all add positive value and are not meant to be a rating service. Think of our stars as the 'gold stars' you earned from your teachers for good work rather than the scale typical of a movie review
Influence points for stars are awarded as follows:table showing star points
In addition, the person who has been awarded Stars receives 10 Influence Points for being mentioned in your tweet about the award should you elect to send it.
You receive 25 Outreach points for granting Kred Stars. If you tweet about the award, you receive an additional 10 Outreach points.
There is no limit to the number of Kred Stars you can give in a day. A person may only vote once every 24 hours for a single @name in a community.

PeopleBrowsr API
Start Making with over 1,200 days of social data in our datamine, the PeopleBrowsr API can return metadata from Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs/Forums for any keyword, #hashtag, user (@name), or combination of terms. Go deeper through specifying call structures with location, bio, gender or sentiment.
Methods available:
  • Kred Influence
  • Kred Outreach
  • Top Followers
  • Positive Top Followers
  • Negative Top Followers
  • Mention Count
  • Density
  • Mentions & RTs
  • Popularity
  • Word Cloud
  • Hashtag Cloud
  • @Name Cloud
  • Friends and Followers
  • Sentiment
  • Top US State
  • Top Countries
  • Top URLs API
  • Top Pictures (TwitPics)
  • Top Videos (
Kred API (Beta)
Integrate Kred influence + Outreach measurement into any application. We are currently offering free Beta access to the Kred API for developers up to 100,000 calls / day.
Methods available:
  • Kred Score (Singular Community - Default: Global Kred)
  • Kred (All Communities)

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Widgets and user samples can be found here:
Kredentials API (Beta)
Provides a complete picture of any @namedrawn from 1,000 days of data. For early access please email us
Methods available:
  • Kredentials
  • Kred @Name Activity Stream
  • Kred Friend Activity Stream
  • Kred Community Leaders

Outreach Points to Outreach Level Conversion