Cracking Social Media: Increase Your Klout Score by 10 Points


Monday, February 20, 2012

Increase Your Klout Score by 10 Points


My Klout score is 64 and Klout calls me a “Broadcaster,” which is cool. That means my content spreads like wildfire according to KLOUT.You broadcast great content that spreads like wildfire. You are an essential information source in your industry. You have a large and diverse audience that values your content.   

Here is how to get there....
Klout is growing at a steady pace and with all of the social sharing hooks they have in place it is only become more important as more people discover, use, and share the site.
A factor that has a strong influence over your Klout score is your posting activity, specifically your tweeting.  I have tweeted more times than the three other influential people mentioned above, which partially explains my higher Klout score.
There are 3 Factors Effecting Your Klout Score
  1. How many people you influence (True Reach)
  2. How much you influence them (Amplification)
  3. How influential they are (Network Score)
klout-scoring-factorsAll three of these factors are contingent on your actions and participation in social media, specifically tweeting and Google Plus right now.
If you have plenty of tweets and are re-tweeted on a regular basis there is a good chance that you have a fairly high score already.
One way to increase your amplification, and get RTed, is to schedule your tweets so that they are spaced out with your best tweets going out at the busiest times.
Hootsuite Bufferapp enables you to schedule your tweets for any time you want, and the Twitter Tools buffer takes it one step further by allowing you to quickly add a tweet to your buffer without having to specify a time for the tweet to go out.
By spacing your tweets out you will get more retweets, and less people unfollowing you.
The more you build your follower base the more your true reach will increase, as long as you are building real connections with people.  If you want to build your following check out my article about 50 tips for ethically getting more followers.


Building genuine connections and relationships are what is going to help you get your score up.
The more people you have relationships with the more people there are who are likely to retweet your golden content, when you post it.


Content is king today more than ever.  If you publish awesome content and make it easy for people to share there is a good chance that they will.  If you are publishing on your own blog make sure you have social sharing plugins.  On this blog, and most of my blogs, I use digg digg and sexy bookmarks.
Even if you are publishing on someone else’s site you can use a Twitter tool called click to tweet to link your content text with a click to tweet custom retweet link.

Engage With Influencers

If you engage with influential people the more of their influence you will accrue as they engage with you and retweet you.  One way to do this is

       Ask Questions

Asking questions on social media sites like Twitter is a great way to spark the engagement that leads to a climbing klout score.

    Help Other People

Reciprocity is an essential weapon of influence that can accelerate your klout success.  If you want people to retweet you, start by retweeting them.  If you want people to follow you, start by following them. I do this quite often and when needed the favor is returned.

Leverage Trending Topics and Viral Content
If you jump in on trending topics these can help you get retweets and build connections with new people since these streams are highly visible.  Posts about social media spread well on social media, so keep that in mind and keep quality content on your radar.
I use a Twitter list I created called awesome content to keep track of people sharing cool content on Twitter, and I use Google Reader to keep track of every cool blog I find.

                                    Be Bold

Fortune favors the bold.  Klout does not measure whether or not people like what you say, only if they share it.  Don’t fear controversy, it has elevated more than a few bloggers to internet fame.
Speak your mind and although people will not always agree with you, you will gain respect for voicing your opinion.

                     Retweet This Post

You should retweet this post because if you do there is a good chance your followers will retweet you.  Also, if I notice you retweeted me I will follow you and send you a tweet saying thanks. 

  • Klout is trying to be more transparent: “If more top influencers are acting upon your content, we will share that with you. “
  • The core premise behind Klout algorithms has always been that influence is the ability to drive action.
  • You are not more influential because you tweet have a large Google Plus audience or use Facebook more, you are influential because you have an influential audience engaging with your content. (Keep in mind, however, that tweeting, posting etc more often can foster the relationship that lead to a highly influential/engaged audience)
  • Amplification indicates the effect you have on your audience. If someone rarely likes or comments on posts, but chooses to do so to yours, that is more meaningful than if they like 60 posts a day, one of which is yours. (Takeaway: Create epic content that is so valuable people share it even if they rarely share)