Cracking Social Media: What is your TOP TWEET?


Monday, April 30, 2012

What is your TOP TWEET?

 Twitter has capped your retweets at 50 for all accounts on Twitter. They still display 50+ Retweets),

The tweets this site uses were discovered based on an analysis of the last 3,200 tweets sent by each account. TwitSprout used the most recent retweet count to determine which tweets caught fire! 
Here’s my summary…@jmhhacker

On the 12th of March, 2012, I tweeted a link of an old video we made. It went on to get 164 retweets and  April 2nd I tweeted about a Skyrim Video hitting 1.5 million views it went on to get 163 which I would have never known!

For the hell of it I took a look at  Mashable and TechCrunch as I look at the sites every day.

Mashable tweets 75 tweets/day on average with links to the latest articles on  Analyzed the past 3200 tweets from them to discover the most retweeted tweet. Two months ago, on December 5th 2011, Mashable posted this and it got  2,297 re tweets.

TechCunch tweets close to 60 tweets/day and their most retweeted tweet speaks to the growing global anti-SOPA movement.. 1000 retweets

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