Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 How to beat Facebook’s EdgeRank,
Get Your Fan Page Updates shared,

The Facebook Game Has Changed. 
How powerful is content sharing on Facebook?
“Users are sharing 4 billion things
on Facebook every day.”
-- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that users are sharing 4 billion things on Facebook every
day. He also noted that the site’s users are sharing content at an exponential rate.

“Facebook users share things that
define them, and make them look good. ”

We have gone from broadcasters to sharecasters:

What are the top motivations for sharing? 
 To bring valuable and entertaining content to others
Sharing to enrich the lives of those around us.

To define ourselves to others
Share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about

To grow and nourish our relationships
Sharing keeps them connected to friends they may otherwise not stay in touch with

To feel more involved in the world

To get the word out about causes

But here’s a sobering Fact:
Fewer and fewer statuses get seen by fans.
 96-99% of fans never revisit fan pages.
Cool "fan-sites" become useless because fans simply don't return.

96% of fans never return to your page after
the initial visit.
Marketers often think "fan pages" = "fan websites".
So they build lots of fancy tabs to turn these fan pages into "fan-sites". Unfortunately,  research shows
that 96% of fans never revisit fan pages.
Here’s the Typical Facebook User Experience:

Fans don’t come back to your Timeline Page.
Make your business’s page look good with the new layout, and feature a post at the top of the page, but
don’t expect a lot of your fans to be looking at the actual page. Facebook doesn’t work that way. Your
brand’s Timeline needs to look good, but 40 times as many people will see your posts in their 
newsfeeds, not on your Timeline page.

The real work is getting fans to SEE your posts, which happens if they like and comment on your posts. If
you aren’t working hard on making your posts more interesting and getting more likes and comments,
but instead, you’re anticipating how cool the Timeline will make the page look, you’re on the wrong
Stop trying to look cool, and start looking for opportunities to get results.

You can reach your fans with daily status updates in their newsfeed. 
Fans are far more likely to notice and interact with your content through the newsfeed, rather
than directly on your fan page. Your fans won't treat your fan page like a website, so you
shouldn't either.
An effective Facebook strategy focuses on an effective newsfeed, not a fancy fan page.

Why don’t status updates get seen? 
Facebook to prevent the Newsfeed from getting too crowded, made  EdgeRank. 

Just because you post something to your fans doesn't mean they'll see it.
Facebook created the algorithm EDGERANK: It works like a credit rating:
it's invisible, it's important, and no one quite knows how it works.

The average fan page’s status updates
only reach7.5% of its fans.

What is EDGERank?
Facebook ranks every status you write. Sharp high-ranking statuses get seen by more fans. This equation decides how “sharp” your status is. 

Simplified, it is this:
1: Popularity: How many clicks, likes and comments your status gets.
2: Relevance: How interactive your fans have been with your past statuses.
3: Recency: How recently your status was posted.
*  The Result? EdgeRank: How many fans see your status.

How Valuable are LIKES vs COMMENTS vs SHARES?
“COMMENTS are 5x more valuable than LIKES.”
    Avg Clicks Per Like: 3
    Avg Clicks Per Comment: 15
    Avg Clicks Per Impression: 0.005
-- EdgeRankChecker

The good side of the NewsFeed.
When your content hits the News Feed, and gets interaction from your fans, you get a huge and often
unaccounted for benefit.  The FRIENDS of your FANS also get to see your content, and interact with it!
If you consider that each Facebook user has 2000 friends on average, getting access to Friends of Fans
takes your possible views on any given status update up by a significant factor.
In fact, the following ratios were discovered for 3 large brands, by comScore:

That’s insane!  156-to-1
(newsfeed friend of fan views vs fan page views?!)


To make your posts more POPULAR, RELEVANT, AND RECENT, the number one rule is:

Create an instant emotional response.
Your status updates don’t need to be clever.  They just need to connect.
And making an instant connection means they should be SIMPLE.
In general, on social media CUTE TRUMPS EVERYTHING.

Having a daily posting strategy (for recency) is very importance.  
But you also want affinity – you want your fans interacting with your statuses.
If they interact with even the most mundane of status updates, they are more likely to be
shown your MONEY posts.

If you only post status updates that sell, you won’t get as much interaction, and people will
stop seeing your status updates.

Conclusion: Post daily AND post stuff that people are likely to interact with.  That will make
your money status updates all the more visible.

Videos and Photos get more engagement than text… so whenever you can post rich media, you’re
increasing your chances of high engagement.

Think Instagram.
Facebook’s billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram was a HUGE CLUE to savvy marketers like yourself…
that the future of social media and social signals is all about sharing photos.  Facebook made a billion-
dollar bet on that.  So I bet you will be willing to invest some of your marketing focus on it, too.

Think Pinterest.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when a no-name, simple web site named Pinterest came out of
NOWHERE, and became the fastest- growing social network in HISTORY!
Do not under-estimate the power of sharing PHOTOS.
Photo-Sharing is the David’s catapult, the giant-killer, the killer-app, of social media.
Ignore it at your own peril.

Post During Peak Hours. 
 Early Morning (7am - 9am)
 End of Work (5pm - 7pm)
 Late Night (11pm - 1am)
Facebook use peaks during these time periods, and you'll have a better chance of exposing your
content to more people.
Using these tips will help you immediately increase engagement.
And when you increase engagement on a daily basis, then you'll begin to virally grow your
Facebook fan page.

The Most Powerful Newsfeed Hero Trick of All: MEMES.
A meme is an IDEA that spreads from person-to-person, within a culture.
Memes have taken the web by storm over the past several years.
They’re like inside jokes.  Either you get them, or you don’t.

Here’s How to Become a Newsfeed  Meme Hero:
1. Decide what messages you want to get across.
Inside humor for your industry, niche, or audience, works best.

2. Find clever ways to incorporate your business call-to-action in the humor
(you only want to do this SOMETIMES – not every time.  People will
recognize you’re marketing to them.  But if you only do it occasionally, an
still make them laugh, they’ll happily spread your message for you!

3. Now leverage memes that are ALREADY INSIDE JOKES to your audience, 
and are ALREADY GUARANTEED to get a response.
See how we’re making things easier on ourselves, by going with the flow?

4. Use a MEME GENERATOR to create MEME images with your message.
Note: Your commercial call-to-action doesn’t have to be ON the image… it
can be the text status update that accompanies your image.

Some of the Top Online Meme Generator Sites Are: