Cracking Social Media: GPLUS QUICK TIPS SERPS


Friday, August 10, 2012


SERPS Author Ranking  GPLUS

Google has given us another option to gain page quality and we can get in NOW

Called Author Rank

This is great. You can position yourself as the author of content on high quality sites, shows in the SERPs.

Create an author for your site, you can gain authority and get links and +1s to your content.

Write quality content on your site
Install the +1 button on your site

When logged into Google Plus, if someone in your circles has shared content, you will see their thumbnail image appear in SERPs. 

When content is published by someone who has used authorship you will see theit link to their Google Plus profile

In your Google Plus account, upload a photo, add blogs 

Includ your name and your email address 

Test your site with Google Rich Snippets tool tester.

This will be less open to black tactics 

Google will keep up and use it to calculate your author rank which they use in their formulas, GL