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Monday, November 26, 2012

7's Electronic Cigarettes Products/Codes

7's Electronic Cigarettes The Smokers SMART CHOICE
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 The 7's Two Kit SEEN BELOW 
Is for the user who is being introduced to electronic cigarettes. 
The two-piece refilling system delivers the user the maximum amount of vapor and unmatched
consistency and flavor.

Each kit includes 6 Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry High Cartomizers. Each Cartomizer is the equivalent
to approximately 25-30 cigarettes, and the batteries last for approximately 275 puffs per charge.
  • 2 MICRO Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries with Amber LED
  • 6 Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry Flavored Cartomizers
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 A/C Wall Charger
  • Compartmental Storage Box

The SS Choice 2-piece Patent Pending 7’s Hybrid is constructed in sturdy, hardwearing
stainless steel with an anodized-type covering and a black powder-coat finish. Built with
“Enhanced Vapor Production”, and special seals that prevent leakage, the 7’s
Hybrid supports our customer satisfaction rating of 99.7%. 

List of E-Liquid Flavors

Whats is a Cartomizer?

Cartomizers are single-use cartridges that have
 the atomizer pre-installed. Liquid Nicotine 
is housed, with special seals, at the tip of our 7’s Cartomizers (pre-filled) and contain liquid
 Nicotine equivalent to approximately one 
pack of tobacco cigarettes. 

As the smoker takes a draw, the atomizer uses current
 from the battery to convert
the liquid Nicotine, and specially formulated
flavors, into vapor

Each Cartomizer 2 Pack delivers up to 500 puffs in a variety of SS Choice’s
 proprietary blends specially formulated to produce a great tasting flavor.

Great Taste - Without The Fancy Names

7's produces a wide variety of E-Liquids in Cobalt 
Blue Glass Bottles. The advantage of using a blue glass 
bottle, versus plastic, is to assure the shelf life of the contents.

The bottle’s colored glass helps protect E-Liquids from degradation to maintain the content’s 
uniformity to the very last drop. 
7’S E-Liquids are available in a wide 
variety of flavors with up to five (5) 
different Nicotine levels.  Go Check Out 7's NOW