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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facebook Fan Page For Companies


Facebook Fan Page For Companies

OK so your company started a Facebook fan page. Now you need someone that knows how to manage it.  Contact Me Here
Oh and if you haven't checked the stats it is one of the hottest highest paying jobs out there right now.. but peanuts if the job is done right..isn't it.
The first mistake companies make is thinking they can do it on their own. The second going "ok I will hire someone"
and looking for the cheapest rates....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
Then having to ask for clicks from friends..... Come on we have all done it...
Problem is they are not "fans."  If Like building has been your focus to LOOK GOOD
or you think more is better, then you'll generate as much business as a wooden   tennis racket
The companies with successful track records on Facebook know that number of "Likes" does not matter.
Trying to relay that to the company is pretty rough as I and you know it's all about numbers -
The buckshot approach they think is the key...Stick to your day job my friend!!! 
Building quality Fans takes time, patience, incredible work ethic, building up other networks ie 
Gplus,  Pinterest Twitter Instagram etc and one hell of a Social Media Manager.
  You know those friends with ridiculously high friend counts? like 3000 or 10000 even 100000
I personally haven't met 5,000 people in my lifetime let alone call them a friend. 
It is more of a collection of strangers with them doing the same..
Can you count on them?
Now if you put the same analogy to your Fanpage can they help your company? Buy products?
 They are useless unless they are potential leads. 
People care if they get something out of it and care little if others do.
 The only people you want on your Fan Page should be potential and current customers. This can occur many ways.
For example I have 18,000 followers on Gplus 72,000 on Instagram 10,000 on Pinterest 146,000 on Twitter no need to go on.
If I were to care about a personal fanpage for myself  I could leverage those networks come up with creative ways to let people that ALREADY like me and let them know about my Fanpage. 
Then whoever is actually interested will come. SO I bet if I set up a fanpage selling coffee mugs  
and over the course of a few months used my other networks to let people know about it out
of all those followers that ALREADY like me will come and be a fan of my page because
they actually like coffee mugs. So when I have 3421 likes they are ALL potential clients..
better then the guy that bought 2 million right??
I would rather have 1 interested like then 10,000 nonsense likes right! How do I know this works because I have helped multiple companies and their fan pages get 1000's
of actual likes people that went because they liked the companies products etc. We all see those sites buy 100000 FB like or Fans etc enticing no?
Well here is the downside people do not think about they BUY there fake likes and then when they post on FB or Twitter wherever they get 3 likes or 10 likes yet
Now this will bring REAL LIKES but for the wrong reasons
they have 82,000 Fans or 400000 twitter followers even 100k instagram get my point. So anyone who knows anything knows what is going on and that is EMBARRASSING!
The intent is to build trust, credibility, that all leads to future business for your company and that then involves a whole other set of skills Client Reviews Contact Me Here
contests promotions engaging content. Like I said get a good Social Media Manager......
Since I have come to the realization after 5000 clients in 6 months that I actually perform better then companies or other social media managers at 10 percent of the cost and the recent job offers for me to work for multiple companies in every genre,
 I have been forced to raise my prices ..a little do not worry.... Client Reviews
What is funny is I am not a blogger I simply built huge networks and then post my article to the networks and now my 2 blogs get viewed 30,000 times a day or so using that method I have been able to bring real fans or customers for that matter to my clients. How do you know how about 3000 testimonials! Click Here Client Reviews
Justin Matthew