Cracking Social Media: Social Media Monopoly (With Proof)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Social Media Monopoly (With Proof)

Social Media Monopoly

Well I did it. I reached and surpassed EVERY single goal I set for 2 years in regards to Social Media in 11 months, and I set my goals SKY HIGH. What did I accomplish? Why do you care?

Well for starters more and more people are making or trying to make their living on the internet. All that I accomplished lead me to achieving a high six figure income in an unconventional way...away no one else has ever done before me.

Wherever I went whatever site I joined I did it my way not the so called GURUS way or the internet articles we all read but my way. That is not a boast just making a point to follow your own gut!

Where do I start in 1 year I pulled a Houdini I will simply list them..

Now if you want to learn how I did it I can tell you and I have phone calls every day. So contact me on my FB link below for that and we can set up an appointment.

You may have heard of the digital market place taking the world by storm FIVERR.COM

Well in 6 months I have served over 5000 clients and am on pace for a six figure endeaver

Wrote and Cameo-ed in MULTIPLE Viral YouTube Videos and was business manager for 2 years!
Some Client Reviews

KRED Influencer of the month
INTERVIEWED by The Great Business Project for entrepreneurs below.

Front Page Of San Jose Mercury 

Biggest Article the Daily Dot ever had.

Made it onto Wikipedia page for role in helping HouseHoldHacker (YouTube)
Scroll Up second paragraph

MY VIRAL NETWORKS for evidence
Ranked 530 in USA on GPLUS

Went Viral on Pinterest

Viral on Instagram

Impact on FB

Exploded on Twitter   

Offer Social Media Services that companies charge THOUSANDS for at a ridiculously low price which is why I get hired all the time by companies they will say hey we will order 500 bucks a week from you to do this and that every week to them they are saving 50 grand...

I have also officially built over 18 private clients networks this year and it is getting bigger not just one or two but all the networks Klout Twitter Gplus Instagram Pinterest Business Pages Promotion Blogs you name it. In Fact currently working with 5 private clients right now.

So strive for it all do not hold yourself back GO FOR IT I DID and it paid off. GL TO YOU!

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