Cracking Social Media: GEO-Fencing "Using Innovative SMS, NOT Apps"


Thursday, February 28, 2013

GEO-Fencing "Using Innovative SMS, NOT Apps"

  • GEO-Fencing "Using Innovative SMS, NOT Apps"


Product Overview

Using Geo-Fencing, we enable businesses to target users in a given location based on real time data.  Understanding your consumers location is key to sending them relevant campaigns, coupons, and other useful information.

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  • Setup LBS campaigns and coupons by creating geo fences around your businesses locations so when a customer is nearby (2 miles) they receive a relevant notification encouraging them to visit your location nearby.
  • “Hi, since you’re in the area, come on over and have an appetizer on us!”
  • “Associations, come by Joes and enjoy a members discount”
  • “Hey, your right next to us so why not fill-up your gas-tank with a discount?”
  • “Come over now and use your Loyalty Card for additional points”
  • Malls, Fast food, Colleges, Charity Events, Festivals, Every Business
This allows multi-unit retail or restaurant brands to promote a consistent marketing message and “call-to-action” across multiple channels and geographies while responding with targeted offers/rewards based on the location of the customer's mobile device.