Cracking Social Media: Motivation from JMHHACKER!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Motivation from JMHHACKER!

                 How To Get A Viral Blog!

OK This is the key for me I promote my services to clients to write whatever they want on my blog here that has now cracked 40,000 views a day. 

So I have about 400 posts 250 of which I was hired from 5 to 400 to write an article the higher they pay the more promotion they get on ALL my networks. I have had some clients come back 20 times. 

If you read through this blog you will find half the articles are written about tips I come across and the other paid by a client. They in return promote the article and that leads to more traffic to my blog see the genius it is a win win for us all! Look I work hard I build my networks I tell my readers for free how I do it but I am also for higher 

 Look if this little boy can do this on the right are you telling me you cant write a few blog articles!!

Just like this great tree we can grow to the heights of our potential or get burned down by fire. Do what you want to do it is all mental trust me I accomplished so very much online because I said I WILL NOT FAIL! I am the CEO and Founder we do it all and business is booming because 40k a day see this blog!                 I started a blog 14 months ago with BO plan no nothing and just kept at it until BAM people actually learned from what I wrote. I now have 3 companies I founded,viral networks and a HUGE Udemy course coming. I know you can do it!

Look at all that is possible in this world nature is so powerful do not let any one stop you from your dreams YOU CAN DO IT I KNOW ITd

Look at this amazing artwork by another person we can do whatever we set our mind to no excuses I am sick of excuses you either want to be a winner or a loser it is that simple you Lead or you follow you make that decision your self. Let me tell ya fun to lead! 

LOOK the ocean goes in and out in and out you can live life this way or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND MAKE A CHANGE!!! DO IT TODAY something you have been putting off just do it! 
 I don't know about you but I will be ending up in those mountains enjoying my life because I had the will power to fight for myself and my own abilities. JUST STEP UP it is insure you


Have you been to Paris yet Why not?? Not getting any younger see what I mean it is time to make a decision this is your wake up call change your life you can do it right now!

 Even the sea horses feel the love can't you STEP UP If I can do ALL THIS and believe me it is a lot you can do what you have been putting off. I am viral on 20 networks made 75k on fiverr 50k on  social media and UDEMY is going to be huge all in 8 months what does that tell you!!?? YOU CAN do it also. Plenty of room at the top!

This is how I do it get 40,000 views a day on this blog and make a cool 130 bucks a day in adsense and I run one add!! I start with this!