Cracking Social Media: Ways To Make You More Marketable


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ways To Make You More Marketable

     Ways To Make You More Marketable

Social media marketing is a MUST HAVE SKILL.

Online job postings requiring social media skills have gone up 87% there is now demand for proven social media professionals.

 73% of Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter account; 66% have Facebook Pages.

This makes my job overwhelming at times as that is the business I chose and founded my own company 

Many believe that social media is simply having a Facebook profile or Twitter.  I assure you it is not, there is a method behind the madness!  
  • At a minimum, you should have an active Twitter account and LinkedIn account designed around your personal brand.  Know what a hashtag is, why we use it, and how not to use or overuse it!
  •  Here’s a hint: Engagement.
  • Have a social plan/strategy before jumping on the social media roller coaster.
  • Be open to trying new things, to make changes as needed.
  • Commit yourself to reading constantly about social media and measurement; searching aggressively for the latest trends.
  • You must be religious about social media monitoring for customer service opportunities and initiate conversations on behalf of the customer.
  • Connect with consumers directly.
  • Analyze social media actions and reports on a monthly basis to uncover successes. 
  • Timely content for any social platform is very important. 
  •  All content on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, YouTube channel, etc., has to support your business-related goals.
  • As a social media professional, you must have patience.
  • Importance of integrating traditional with social strategy.
  • Knowledge of SEO. Knowing the how and why of SEO can be a huge help to your career and your brand.
  • Share, innovate, and improve business.
  • Do you know who the top influencers are in your sector? Your competitors?  Industry specific trends?  You should be able to find them using various social techniques and feel confident in the data you are collecting.

    I will teach or manage this for you at or just keep reading this blog Social media is so much more than simply knowing how to tweet, how to use the various social platforms, and how to navigate the different tools available.  It’s knowing how to utilize them together

     Aligning social media goals with the goals of the business. 

    Strategic planning in business today is more than  (tweets, blog posts, and videos), it should include the actual building of relationships.