Cracking Social Media: Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Using Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

 “80% of pins on Pinterest are repinned, while only 5% of tweets on Twitter are retweeted.”   SO Why are you focusing on twitter?
We all need more blog traffic, and Pinterest is a vehicle to do so.
Well if you read this you will see how I saw a 30 fold spike in 1 week from Pinterest with evidence.!   Which is The World Of Social Media.

Setup Your Profile

If you are a business, create a business profile, verify your business via email with Pinterest so that people know you are legitimate.
You can create a personal profile if this is a personal blog you are trying to promote. 

Inspire with Images

A great description will spur someone to click through to your blog, the image is  what will really catch someone’s eye.

 Start Following People in Your Industry

And repin their posts.  I did this for a client of mine and it worked out great take a look. 

They may in kind do the same for you. As is turned out many of hem came to check out the board and the account!

Write Killer Content

We all know that if our posts are not engaging, no one will want to pin them, repin them, or ever read our work again.
Make the post entertaining  and make sure it’s something that people will find interesting enough to share with others.

Pin Your Own Posts

Once you are done make sure to pin your own blog post so that it can be found on Pinterest.
One of the biggest mistakes I have seen are accounts with 20 or 40,000 followers have a great blog but never pin their own images! That is where the HUGE traffic is going to come from!
This is critical for you to remember to take after writing every post. These blog posts need to get to Pinterest somehow so that others can repin them.

Add a Pin it Button On Every Page

That way their Pinterest followers will be able to see your post, too, and with any luck, repin the post themselves.

Add Keyword Descriptions 

Using the keywords that your target audience will search for on Pinterest is paramount whether from cars, diy or ecigs.

 Pinterest is Largely Female

70% of Pinterest users are female. I remember when it was 95%!
 So those blogs that will benefit will be those that are geared toward a female demographic.
Pinterest is a must have for any business and marketing tool for blog owners,  given the high rate of re-pins that Pinterest users see.
But that doesn't mean you can't do well last week my personal Blog board was recommended by Pinterest and I saw a 30 fold spike! Yup that is me Social Media Blog!

I simply felt compelled to write this after the success my blog is seeing from this network!    Justin Matthew
I am President Of Monopolize Social Media