Cracking Social Media: How To Get On Instagrams Popular Page


Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Get On Instagrams Popular Page

How To Get On Instagrams Popular Page

  Justin Matthew

I have the advantage of analyzing over 3,000 clients for this knowledge.

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OVER 100 million users, over 1.3 billion photos and companies making a fortune using it.

Hope you are using it
Why you may ask?

 it to promote your personal brand, and use it to promote your business as well.
When I first started using it, I struggled to get 1000 followers and trust me I push it hard.

I then figured it out and now I gain over 200 followers a day and my pics average 750 likes or so.

If you want to get more followers and likes on your Instagram photos, here’s what you need to do:

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook

When you connect your two accounts to each other, your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram as well. 

Well I have 3400 FB friends of which 1800 used instagram.


Rather than talk about it I will just show you current contests I am doing for a clients. 

In 3 days gained 900 followers and thousands of likes.








AFTER OUR SERVICES 1 WEEK They now average about 250 likes per photo
 They have 6200 followers and average 350 likes per photo also 16 comments

My client JIWAKS went from 250 likes per photo to an average of 700 and from 3 comments to an average of 17 and it has helped his business immensely


Ok we all know this but be honest how many of you actually type the tags??? 

Well I have a way to have all 30 the max instagram allows in 1 press of a button. 

Oh and they can be custom go to

Instagram users prefer commenting over liking

I found personally a roughly 4 to 1 difference in interaction when commenting on others pics then liking.
So if you take the time to comment on someone else’s profile, they are more likely to come back and not just comment on your photo, but they are 401% more likely to follow you than if you just liked their photo.


Liking other people’s photos causes you to receive more followers and likes

I then did an experiment and remember I am a numbers guy. I liked 100 random photos a day for 2 weeks and found without following those people 26 percent liked a photo back and 11 percent followed me.
By analyzing my account data on I learned that by liking 100s of photos from individuals that weren’t my followers, not only did it cause my follower count to increase, but it also caused people from outside my friend network to like my photos.


I analyzed over 40 accts for this data. Monday at 6pm Eastern is the best time to post a photo. That is when you are most likely to get the most amount of comments and likes on your photos.
The second most popular time to post a photo is either on Wednesday or Thursday at 4pm Eastern.

Personal pics or showing off a bit!

Looked over 1000 photos, images that are about lifestyle (fancy cars, homes, living a luxurious life) or that are personal tend to get the most engagement. Photos that don’t contain either of those two elements tend to get 11.4% less likes.


Combine your images

Images like the one above are multiple images, combined into one. You can create them through apps like Diptic.They get 25 percent more likes and 30 percent more comments.
If you want to get the most traction with your photos, take the extra time to take multiple shots, and then combine them into 1 image.




If you want to grow your account by a few hundred followers a day, the best way is to just randomly like thousands of images a day. This is a tedious task, but as you can see from the growth of my account, it works really well. 

Now because I put in my dues I hired someone to do that for me but it works nonetheless.

  • Combine those images with Diptic
  • And post it at 5pm PST on Monday

The data above was put together by my company MONOPOLIZE SOCIAL MEDIA, we offer many more so check us out, you’ll maximize your Instagram likes and grow your follower count faster than if you just took random shots and shared them.

SO what ways have you found that help grow your instagram?