Cracking Social Media: Facebook Reach Is Dying...Until Now (UPDATE)


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Facebook Reach Is Dying...Until Now (UPDATE)

Facebook Reach Is Dying...Until Now (UPDATE)

I wrote this 4 months ago since then it has only gotten worse for brands now the average is 2.5% of fans see a post

As seen here

Well once again I must say that is ONLY if you don't have methods and tactics and an incredible work ethic.

I am still enjoying incredible reach on my FB pages but don't let me fool you I have created a slew of networks to make it happen.

For example A Pinterest acct called Facebook Offers where I pin every important post linking back to the post. See it HERE


Almost 900,000  reach this week on this page

 I have an instagram acct where I post important posts the link in the bio takes the user to the page



I have created a MASSIVE Google+ Page called Facebook Offers where I once again post direct links to important posts.


HERE is 1 example of a post on Google+ below

 In my 1st 2 weeks of setting up IBoom Media FB using all these methods the page currently has over 1,200 fans. This week 496 likes 143,000 reach for a new page

Check it out for yourself HERE

You see on this post here I make an offer which costs nothing and link it to a post on another page


Keep this short since it seems every time I try to help people advance their business haters come out of the woodwork. I manage over 40 FB Brand Pages for clients. As most of us know the reach has declined.

What If I told you instead of reaching 3 out of 100  the national average I reach 26 out of 30. YUP that is right, in fact My clients have had more reach, engagement FB sales, comments, likes etc in the last 3 weeks then 12 months ago.

HOW did I do it??

Innovation of course

I did one post of mine shared it to 20 pages to see what really would happen.

511 likes 19 shares 10 comments 122,000 reach
10 emails from people wanting to pay me as high as 750 for 1 post and  guy who is the social media guy at Sears wants me to call them
This is just 2 weeks in playing with this

There are three types of Facebook Offers that a Page may purchase:
  1. In Store Only: These offers are good in-store only.

  1. In Store & Online: These offers can be redeemed by customers both online and in a store’s brick and mortar location

  1. Online Only: This offer can be redeemed online only, through your company’s website or online platform

  • Offers only are Available to  Pages with 400+ Likes AND must have confirmed address.

  • Ability to create Offers for In Store Only, In Store & Online and Online Only

  • Add a unique redemption code

  • Create a bar code

This 1 post i made but days ago 77 claims for

How Can Users Claim My Offer?

When potential customers see your offer on Facebook, they will need to follow these simple steps to claim it:
  • Click “Get Offer” to have the offer sent to their personal email address
  • Print the offer email and bring it to your store location or visit your website to redeem it.

Tips on How to Create a Great Facebook Offer

  • Make discounts substantial. If your offer is for a discount, make it for at least 20% off of the regular price. According to Facebook, offering items for free of charge in addition to a purchase typically performs better than discounts. The national average on FB offers is 60 dollars each and 900 reach which we all know these days you cant even get 200 anymore.

  • Keep it simple. Make sure you define and explain your terms and conditions as simply as you can. Also avoid any unnecessary steps for customers.

  • Use a clear and engaging image. When you are choosing a photo, keep in mind those presenting someone using your product or service will have more benefit than a photo of the item alone. Also, take note that your Page's profile picture will also be shown next to your offer in most places, so be sure you do not use the same photo for both.

Scored 46 here and remember all targeted.

Brand reach is now under 3% so 1000 fans 30 people.... I am hitting reach of 323,000 on 1 post 161,000 95,000 etc I have offers getting claimed 400 times 365, 158, 127, etc

In other words I am Kicking FB's Ass.

Facebook Brand Pages Suffer 44% Decline in Reach Since December 1

 Since December 1, organic reach and organic reach percentage have each declined by 44% on average, with some pages seeing declines as high as 88%. Only one page in the analysis had improved reach, which came in at 5.6%.

As reach declined, the raw number of engaged users plunged as well, falling on average by 35%. Some pages saw engaged users fall as much as 76%. Only one page in the data set had an increase in the number of engaged users, coming in at 0.7%.
For the analysis, we excluded pages that were in the midst of instituting any significant changes to their content strategy that could impact performance.

Brand Page Reach Now Often Under 3%

Facebook once said that brand posts reach 16%

 Take a look 3 days old over 105!!!!

  That number is no longer achievable for many brands, and  analysis shows that roughly 2.5% is now more likely for standard posts on large pages. So, a year ago a brand could expect to reach 16 out of 100 fans and now that brand is lucky if they get 3 out of 100.  Chilling news for brand pages who have invested resources to “build” a large following of fans.

Facebook Brand Pages Reach

BOOM INERTIA TOURS hottest spring break company to South Padre 95 here

Rack up another 130 On and these are not 4 dollar widgets here we re talking 350 dollars. EACh

WOW 336 WOW 336 yes that is correct.

 308,000 reach 71 going so so nice.


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FB Offers Network

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SO if you really want to learn how to make a post and reward your client 20 to 1 you let me know. Catch me on 1 of those FB pages in this article or email me  by the way 1 week from today this here will be childsplay I will be well more advanced.