Cracking Social Media: Double Instagram Followers With Multiple Accounts


Monday, September 21, 2015

Double Instagram Followers With Multiple Accounts

Want to double your Instagram Likes?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had enough accounts on Instagram to shout out yourself 5 times? Well I finally tried it yesterday and left in the caption if they left a tag or #JMHHACKER 1 of them would win a shout out and I did it on all 5 accts. Eventually doing the 6th tonight!

The stats shocked me. 

This account here EmpireKred got 500 more likes then average and 30 times the amount of comments so PLUS 500 Likes and PLUS 35 Comments. For some reason 2 of the accounts each received over 35 comments while 3 others had 20, 10 and 12.

Worldofsocialmedia also got the average likes but a nice spike in comments of 12 also picked up 20 followers. SO PLUS 12 comments & Plus 20 Followers

For the largest IBOOMMEDIA account 35k followers (but the target audience is much different) it got 40% more likes but 0 comments so go figure! So PLUS 100 Likes. 
Target audiences do matter quite a bit!

The 4th pic here Jmhhackerinc averaged the same amount of likes.
I usually get 4 comments but received 20!  
SO plus 15 comments here. Also picked up about 20 followers

This was the first and original photo on JustinMatthewIboom

The average photo gets 250 likes and 3 or 4 comments but this time received 468 Likes & 36 comments totally blowing away that average. 

This worked because as I continued to re-post the pic and mention the original account more and more people jumped in.

SO PLUS 250 Likes and 30 Comments. 

I can confirm this account went from 9,954 followers to over 10k within 15 minutes

Finally I had it all lead to the shout-out account and just posted it 20 minutes ago!

This was one of my old accounts that I cleared out that would average 300 likes and 5 comments or so.

At this point it looks like it will hit 600 likes and over 12 comments. SO Plus 300 Likes and Plus 7 comments. Also an easy 15 followers

Between the 6 photos and what they each average on a usual photo I received over 1,150 total more likes and 100 more comments. Also total gain of 130 followers.

So each photo on average received about 200 more likes then usual with 14 comments more then usual. Chip in the 130 followers and that is a new strategy I will be utilizing for sure!

By making some tag a friend etc it lead to people seeing the photos that never would have and that is why it basically doubled the average likes per pic and tripled the average comments.

I will be targeting a certain niche all week with all 6 accts and then s the difference next week but for the 1st try off the bat a full 200% overall increase in likes per account and 400% increase in comments with 130 total followers gained was a fun experiment!